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Choreographer / Dancer

Hi my name is Diego Vazquez, I'm from
Mexico City and I'm a professional choreographer and dancer. I started dancing when I was 15 years old and I've been
training in different styles and movements. Meeting dancers from around the globe has molded my spirit and changed the way that I look at dancing.

Now I wanna share myself and the way that I feel music, I believe in true movement and I also believe that everyone has their own way to express and move, there is no weird dance, there is no right or wrong movement when there is true feeling: it's all about soul and music.
If you wanna know more about me and my work, check this page and my YouTube channel.

                                 "Let Your Soul Talk"

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Rubrika, Managment / Video

Kalei2copio, Photography

Trust me, Street Wear



Workshops in Italy - Italy.


Workshops in Israel & Richboyz Project "Ninjas" - Israel.


Richgirls Project- USA.


Richboyz Project - USA & Monsters Of HipHop 2014- USA.


Workshops in México ( Diego Vázquez´s Tour 2014 )- México.

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Where to find me

  • Génova 44 Letra "M", planta alta. Colonia Juárez, Zona Rosa, CP. 06600 México D.F.
  • Phone: +(52)5541418792
  • Email Booking: booking@diegov.mx
  • Web: www.diegov.mx